Functional Range (Pre-Orders)

Functional Range (Pre-Orders)

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We are now taking pre-orders for these Ultra Bites. You can order above, to be first in line for delivery (and receive a 10% discount, using the code provided). Alternatively, input your email address below to join the wait list (at the usual price).

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Our number one aim is always to produce a fantastic tasting energy snack, but our Functional Range has also been designed with a mind to help support endurance athletes in their Herculean tasks. And if you want to eat them as an every-day snack, you still can. We won’t tell…

Create your own Pack of 3 Taster Box, by choosing 3 flavours from:

The Fat Burner

Spice up your run with these tasty treats that take their inspiration from xocolatl, the ancient Aztec beverage considered to be the world’s first sports drink. Ingredients such as theobromine in the cacao nibs and capsaicin in the chillis have been shown to help metabolise fat, while L-carnitine (don’t worry, we use a vegan form) has been shown to both preserve muscle glycogen – meaning you can go on for longer.

The Energy Boost

Whether you’ve got to power through the night or need an early morning pick-up, a touch of coffee is going to help. Caffeine is a known performance enhancer as it’s thought to reduce perceived exertion, while the almonds in these bites should also help you continue for longer. Goji berries, meanwhile, have been shown to help boost a general sense of well-being, plus they add a lovely dash of scarlet colour and just a bit of added crunch. The addition of L-glutamine provides a boost for the immune system, known to suffer during long periods of exertion.

The Anti Inflammatory

Constant pounding of the pavements, whether on foot or two-wheels, is going to take its toll in the way of inflammation, aches and pains. These bites, redolent of a Spring day in Tuscany, are designed to help. We’ve used walnuts as a base as they are not only packed with antioxidants but are also  the richest nut source of omega-3s – good fats thought to help reduce inflammation. Other ingredients with anti-inflammatory effects are Valencian orange extract, turmeric and ginger – all of which give these bites their delightful aroma.

The Immune Boost

These bites marry Mayan magic in the form of pinole with the spirit of one of our favourite races, the legendary Spartathlon. Inspired by the kind of foods the original ultrarunner Pheidippides would have sampled on his journey from Athens to Sparta, they contain rich Greek honey, sesame seeds, golden linseeds and pumpkin seeds. Exercising for long periods of time can cause havoc with the immune system and the ingredients in these bites are designed to offer a blast of antioxidant support to combat free radicals.