Our Peak Pinole bars (formerly Jubáami bars) are produced in collaboration with a number of partners in Mexico. Here are their words.

Slow Food is an international network, dedicated to the revival of local food cultures and traditions. Their motto is good, clean and fair food.

We interviewed the leader, Alfonso Rocha Robles, about his organisation, the historical and cultural significance of corn, the 'milpa' system, pinole, and how to use it in the kitchen.


The Jesuit University of Ibero in Puebla, Mexico is an example of academia put directly to use for the good of the community. All of Ibero's research is tailored to improving the socio-economic and environmental well-being of Mexican population. Ibero is supporting us in developing a "social economic" model that integrates producers along the supply chain, reinvesting profits into purchasing equipment for producers, and going far far far beyond the Fairtrade model. 

Juan Manuel Martínez Louvier, Coordinator of the Economic and Social Lab, speaks about his role at the university, his collaboration with Azure, and how a new economic model can benefit humanity.


Nested within the University of Ibero Puebla, FNC is the force behind many products being developed for restaurants and food companies alike. They work closely with graduates in their food lab, testing and learning about the latest food technology. They take a holistic approach to creating new products, from food design, food development, and food conceptualisation.

Karen Casillas, Food Technologist and the talent behind the Jubáami bars, discusses her role in making our bars.



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