James Ellis


James Ellis is British, so naturally, he makes a mean cup of tea. Luckily, he’s also pretty good at creating great things to eat too – a more-than-useful quality for someone heading up research and development at a food company.

James – a registered nutrition scientist and personal trainer – takes a multi-faceted approach to our recipes. Taste, naturally, comes at the top of the menu but he also uses his scientific knowledge and indulges his nerdy side to make sure our products are as healthy as possible.

He’s also an accomplished ultramarathon runner having completed one of the world’s most iconic races, the Spartathlon, three times, so he knows what an endurance athlete is looking for when it comes to sports nutrition. It’s a philosophy that informed our Functional Range of Ultra Bites which are designed to support endurance athletes depending on their needs at that time, whether in training, a race or even at rest.

As a former Fleet Street journalist, James is also a communications expert and so helps look after our PR and marketing efforts too.

Helen Thomson