We launched our Kickstarter on 25 October 2017 and it generated some exciting interest in the media!

It sounds corny, but this could bring farming back to its roots!
— www.ox.ac.uk

We’ve just caught wind of a new product that’s sure to take the health world by storm: blue corn pinole.
— Jennifer Fergesen, www.thefoodrush.com

“Quitting my job to do my startup was an excellent move” is a thought you wouldn’t expect to have while a 15-story building at the epicentre of an earthquake collapses around you.
— Alexandra Littaye, www.medium.com

AN OXFORD geography graduate is trying to raise £20,000 to make an energy bar out of ‘ancient Mexican blue corn’. 
— Luke Sproule, www.oxfordmail.uk

That's Oxfordshire

An Oxford university graduate spent 4 years studying heritage seeds, with a particular interest in Blue corn from Mexico. After learning how many indigenous farmers in Mexico struggle to make a living, she came up with the concept of the Jubaami bar, an energy bar made out of the blue corn. Now the business woman is working towards launching the bar early next year to create jobs, support indigenous Mexican communities and deliver a completely unique energy bar to the market.

Alexa is interviewed by local TV station That's TV, Oxfordshire.